Iconic Melbourne fashionista Caitie Rose shares her Top 10 Tips for maintaining her 'Covid Creativity'.

It’s been a rough year for everyone, including me. But it doesn't have to be all bad news. 

As an artist, my mental health and creativity go hand-in-hand. Balancing these has taken trial and error, so here are my top tips to keep those creative juices flowing, even if you're stuck at home. 

1. Move

Physical movement has been essential for me to get through this in one piece. As the person who used to chuck sickies on High School Sports Days, I’ve come a long way! It’s amazing how exercise lifts my mood and sets the tone for the day.

2. Routine

I need my morning routine! While gyms are closed, I love going on my morning run and getting a coffee from a local cafe. It helps me start my day right, plus it’s a great excuse to throw our support behind small business owners.


3. Disconnect

I need to disconnect from the current news and madness, even just for an hour each day. I take my scooter out for a spin, listen to one of my favourite electronic music artists (currently DJ Sumirunaor chuck on a podcast (try Higher Priestess).

4. Entertain

The world needs to be entertained digitally right now given everyone is confined to their homes. Use what you have and do what you can. I complete one creative task per day and enjoy sharing it on my instagram.


5. Support 

Get behind your fellow creators and watch the support come straight back. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I’m obsessed with baking accounts like @eggtall - They make me happy and the cakes soothe me when I look at them.

6. Pivot

Be clever in how you navigate these times and pivot this situation to be beneficial for you. I filmed a ‘Princess Quarantina’ makeup look and asked my community if this was something they cared about watching. They did!

7. Art

I’m in the midst of moving house so I am spending a lot of time creating artworks for my new apartment. This includes sewing, painting, creating and upholstering furniture.

8. Hair

I love getting my hair done. I wish I could wear foils every day. This pineapple sunrise lewk by @gabbyveronicahair at @analoghair has helped get me through quarantine.


9. Pamper

Look after yourself! Nothing this year is going to plan and these uncertain times call for some serious self care. When I need a break from the current chaos a little pamper session makes me feel a lot better.

10. Goals

Use this time wisely to kick personal goals! For many creatives out of work during Covid, this is a great time to work on personal projects. I was pretty hyped to feature in sustainable fashion magazine Mad About Depop.


About the Author: Caitie Rose is a Melbourne based artist, stylist, model, vintage clothes collector, colour queen and a really bad dancer (but that doesn’t stop her!). You can connect with her for creative collaborations on instagram @cyberangel_666.

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