Say hello to the last soap bottle you'll ever need.

We saw a problem, so we made a solution. Together we can create a future without single-use plastic.

Let’s Break It Down

The Tablet

One tablet used, equals one plastic bottle saved.

The Bottle

Our glass bottle is designed to be reused for a lifetime.

The Refill Method

Don't ship water, decrease your carbon footprint by up to 80%.

The Box

100% biodegradable, vegan, recyclable and Aussie made.

Our Sustainability Targets

Save 5 million plastic bottles from polluting our planet.

Plastic ain't fantastic, so we are aiming to save over 5 million plastic bottles from landfill by 2025.

Launch biodegradable tablet wrappers.

Currently we help you use 95% less plastic than single-use bottles, however we want to do better. We are developing 100% biodegradable tablet wrappers.

Achieve B-Corp Certification.

On our pathway to build the most sustainable business possible, we aim to become fully B-Corp certified by the end of 2023.

B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, transparency and sustainability.

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