Celebrity designer Matt Martino opens his doors revealing 10 simple tips to transform your home using what you ALREADY have. 

Here's my tip...

Trapped in our homes with nothing but time has many of us wondering: how can I make this place a bit nicer? Rather than simply throwing money around, you can reinvent what you already have.



1. Just Declutter.

Detox your house. It helps me clear my mind from unwanted distraction and over-stimulation. I upcycle my stuff to someone in need or if in doubt, I throw it out. I love this rule with clothes. Put them in clothes ‘purgatory’ in a separate part of your wardrobe - if you don’t miss them, chuck them (to their next owner).

2. Rearrange your furniture.

Change is as good as a holiday and probably the closest thing you’ll get to one right now. Shift stuff around, alternate pieces from different rooms and even switch rooms up if you can. Always group furniture together. Use rugs as islands to anchor seating. And remember, less is more.


3. Don’t match.

I like to my bed linen not to match. Avoid sets. A doona cover doesn’t have to match the sheet or the pillowcases. It’s more relaxed, like you just casually threw it together. An unmade bed is confidence and the era of the throw pillow is over! Praise be.

4. Artwork.

Hang it like a (gallery) boss. Or don’t, just lean it. Add a mirror. Think Eye Level, most people hang their stuff too high. Be asymmetrical, it doesn’t need to be in the centre of a wall. The art itself will claim the space, you don’t need to force it.


5. Bedroom vibes. 

It’s winter and we want to be cosy and comforted in these uncertain times. Use a single doona and a linen earthy coloured cover to create a couch blanket. It looks great, is soothing and can be a fantastic alternative to throws or blankets.   

6. Gather in Groups.

Avoid social distancing, for some things. Group items like firewood, books, pictures & wine bottles together to create cool clusters. They all look good as decoration when displayed in groups. Rather than have books everywhere, create a library in one spot for an effective display.

7. Storytime.

A vignette is a visual story, in case you were wondering. Vignettes make little stories and collections, but in a curated way. They are a great outcome of decluttering, whilst also making your ‘stuff’ seem more special and you more professional.


8. Spark it. 

Nothing says staycation like festoon lights. Cheap, festive and a great way to make your outlook more pleasant. Hang them in trees, on balconies or along fences. It’s such a sweet way to have some fun with your outdoors.


9. Bring trees inside.

Try bringing some plants in for a spell. Outdoor trees look great inside and add vertical height to a room. Remember, they just need some love and a break outside every now and then, just like kids.

10. Clean up.

There’s never been a better time to be clean. Like decluttering, cleanliness can create a refreshing detox for the home and mind. Enjoy your space, keep your mind active & stay clean!


About the Author: Matt Martino is one of Australia's leading Interior Designers and Artists. He runs The Martino Group & can be found on instagram here: @martinogroup.

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