Top Aussie Master Pilates instructor Chloe de Winter exclusively shares her top 5 tips for staying healthy at home

I know Covid SUCKS…

But it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom! 

There’s never been a better time to get creative, move your body and maximise your physical and mental health!

1. Love it or leave it. 

Treat your exercise like a relationship - if you don’t love it, leave it!

You’ve got to enjoy your workouts, especially now. Don’t listen to the naysayers, there are infinite fun ways you can be active at home. Check out the millions of options on YouTube, do a hip hop dance class, try acro-yoga or dress like Jane Fonda for some living room aerobics. 

No one is watching you, so let loose!

2. Friend Zone

Schedule a workout with friends (on zoom).

It’s the perfect way to catch up and motivate each other through movement. It also holds you accountable so you can’t back out. 

Best to finish with a glass of wine and keep the party going - it’s win-win!


3. Go live

There are hundreds of live workouts happening everyday - including my pilates classes :)

By joining a live class, you get that ‘in studio’ feel with the instructor cueing you in real time. 

Put your phone away, leave your camera on and feel the power of the community move with you!

4. Mark Your Territory

Be creative by allocating and transforming a dedicated space for your workouts. 

We don’t all have home gyms, so that living room is now a Pilates studio! Transport your mind away from the daily stress, close your laptop, light a candle and play some of your favourite tunes.

This will allow you to be present on your mat, connect with your body and practice mindful movement.


5. Partner up

Grab your significant other and put them to work!

This is a fun way to stay connected and break up the monotony of Eat > Sleep > Work > Repeat. My husband Phil and I schedule weekly workouts together and it’s become one of our favourite parts of lockdown. 

Plus, it's a great way to have a laugh together :)


About the Author: Chloe de Winter is a Master Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist. She hosts live virtual Pilates classes everyday on Pilates with Go Chlo and has a YouTube channel with weekly videos to keep you active at home. You can connect with her on instagram at @gochlo_pilates.

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