Gift Card ($35-$100)



The gift that keeps on giving, literally.

This holiday season, share the gift of a cleaner planet with your family members, friends or colleagues.

This gift card is perfect for anyone passionate about a world free from single-use plastic bottles.

Redeemable for 2 years.

Sodium lauroyl glutamate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid anhydrous, sodium benzoate & fragrance.

Smell great & save our environment!

Who doesn't love a nice smelling soap with the added bonus of helping our environment.

Sumeyya O.

Save money and so easy.

In 4 easy steps you have hand wash that doesn't cost the earth.

Mandy S.

An easy fix to a big problem.

I just want quick and easy ways to cut down on our plastic consumption at home so i feel like this ticks all the boxes.

Will C.

Just add water

What if we said you could save up to 25 single-use plastic bottles from landfill each year? The solution is simple. Fill one of our sexy reusable glass bottles with water, drop one dissolvable soap tablet, pump the foam and repeat.